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Train Mountain Institute


Train Mountain Institute strives to educate the public with a Museum displaying regionally significant rail equipment in addition to accurately replicating Railroad operations and safety procedures while responsibly maintaining a diverse High Desert forest.

We educate the public when our Museum Docents:

Recount Railroad history explaining how rail equipment functioned and who operated them, whether they are still used and their impact on the region's economic development.

Explain the vital purpose of Cabooses in Railroad history. Our restored Rio Grande caboose illustrates how they were used and why they are no longer in service on most commercial railroads.

Demonstrate railroad operations and rail safety; showing proper use of switches and signals and the purpose of Sidings or Water towers to clarify railroad terminology and practices.

Host local School and Scouting groups as well as hundreds of visitors each year.

Inform visitors of our Forest Management plan to responsibly maintain our diverse high desert forest environment.

Train Mountain is the world's longest miniature railroad with over 36 miles of 7.5" gauge track on 2200 acres near Chiloquin, Oregon.

Contact Us

Train Mountain Institute - Physical Location:

36941 South Chiloquin Road

For US Mail: PO Box 438 - Chiloquin, OR 97624

We may be contacted by phone at: (541) 783-3030